I use art to digest information and express my perceptions. There is a calm that comes with finding a deeper understanding of an event, an environment, the self; as if you can stop scratching at the surface in an aimless fashion.


A constant theme in my works would be the subliminal reality that is often overlooked. I think it’s important to give visibility to the visceral experience; to appreciate the abstract aspects of this world we experience. The juxtapositions I find give my work an ironic tone.


I dabble in different methods, but mostly enjoy painting and moving image. My art communicates like poetry, where meaning is attached to details, even as small as a comma.



AKArt/ Assistant
New York, USA
Himmelblau / Assistant for Finlayson Art Area project
Tampere, Finland


Group Exhibitions
2013     Veeran Verstas Taidenäyttely, Veeran Verstas, Oulu
2015     Fleeting Spaces, Rajatila,  Tampere
2015     Desire: Double Edged Sword, Bethanian, Berlin
2016     Desire: Double Edged Sword, OCAD, Toronto
2016     Desire: Double Edged Sword, Nykyaika, Tampere
2017     Elusive Matters, Pyynikin Trikoo, Tampere and Uulu Kulttuurikeskus, Tampere
2017      Pidgin, Yogiga Gallery, Seoul
2018      Video screening ’25 times’, Reading Assembly Tate Exchange Program, Tate Modern, London
2018      Hot Futures, Himmelblau, Tampere
2018      6th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, MMOMA, Moscow
2018      Maailmantangofestivaali, Runokahvila, Tampere



Tampere Ammattikorkeakoulu (TAMK)/ Fine Art
2014-present, Finland