brush strokes.




acrylic on acrylic, double sided  (100×100)

This series is an ironic take on the sexual objectification of women in media that leaves her humanity unseen. The pink side offers a sense of the grotesque aspect of these images. It depicts the subtle violence that twists her into unnatural angles, carves her body in photoshop, and pummels her into a flimsy mass. The face is not invited into these frames, which transforms her into anonymous flesh.

The silver side is a protest against its other half, exposing her with a different kind of anonymity; one that empowers rather than belittles.








between the womb and the grave


when we left our mother’s womb, we left crying and clinging 

onto the ocean that had sustained us for our first months of life.

we clutch so tight that hand rivers form.

And even though they will never lead us back to that ocean, they remind us

that we once had, only to lose

and like this, always holding our first scars

we love and we love and we love.



my best friend


lost in preservation


baby it’s cold outside



acrylic on mdf board

This 4-part series is a study of different human connections and how they survive separation.




acrylic on mdf board

There is a moment when the sky holds both the moon and the sun is always referred to as sunrise or sundown, never as a moonset or a moonrise. Both objects give off their own kind of light, even if one is in a context of the dark. In this self portrait, the waters from the moon drowns the sun, embodying the internal switch between sides.



purple is to feel blue and see red


acrylic on wooden board  (40x40cm)

What is anger if not a hardened sadness? When I hear people speak up and against oppressive forces i see similar expressions in their faces. Between the strength and defiance there are cracks that betray vulnerable sorrows and worries.

I took 4 freeze frames from different videos on different topics and made these portraits. By uniting these unrelated faces speaking out against different issues i wanted to give them a common ground to be more than ‘the angry protester’.





petrificus totalus 2016

acrylic in between plexiglass 65x95cm

When a guardian chooses to abuse their power over their child, the story is told in a practical manner. The plot will focus on the actions of the abuser; giving them yet another dominant role. This piece allows for the child to be the protagonist in her own story.

The pressed paint between the glass represents the physical sensations. The thoughts that were never voiced aloud are written in gold to give the child i was some validity as a person rather than the body she was reduced to.







acrylic on wooden board








oil on canvas 

sometimes to be disabled with emotion will extend its effects  into a physical level. for me, my shoulder feels sharp pains and can feel like it has popped out.