This is a collaborative piece with the artist Naehyun. It displays the spaces that are divided between the elderly and the rest of society in South Korea. How do we group them together in our minds and what kind of stereotypes do we construct of them?

The silver – a shiny version of the greys – represents the younger generations.

The process was codependent. Naehyun made the abstract shapes based on photos of elderly people in groups. I followed the lines to create images that I felt were recurring when i walked around Seoul. I also used images of typical sightings as reference.Our two interpretations of elderly people in Seoul became the final blend.


Seven Insensitivities

Pencil and Marker on Paper, 30×30 cm each

Some times when I am asked ‘are you ok’ the sound i hear is hostile, as if i were being challenged to admit that I am not.

This was the starting point of this project. I found a postcard  that portrayed a crowd being entertained by the misery of others and distantly related to their situation.I gave 6 of the unfortunate people a portrait, on top of which I glued a second layer with an abbreviated way to communicate to their troubles. The layout is meant to be reminiscent of the 7 sins, although the piece is unrelated to religion. The work is about the use of words, being applied carelessly.