if these walls could talk (4:06)

(set minimum to 720p)


Being seen as a female by others often means your voice will be neglected, belittled or shut down. This results in the constant inner conflict: ‘to speak or not to speak’. It’s almost as if the female voice would be too loud if given a platform, so it is left unheard.

This video is a multifaceted metaphor. It creates a space to be overwhelmed by the dynamics between woman and society, while also giving validation for expressions that are swallowed back into silence.

It is what a collection of inward sneezes would look like, along with the sign: ‘storage is full’.

The relationship between the face and the hands is conditioned to how compliant she is. Hands are a fickle tool as they have the potential to be both gentle and brutal. But intention can be separate from action. Although the movements fluctuate from displays of affection to aggression, its stability lies within its position of power; a power that is perpetually being reinforced.



pacified (2:48 on loop)

This series of glorified gifs is inspired by the rumor that vanGogh was a madman and he consumed yellow paint thinking it would bring him happiness. Ultimately this doesn’t differ too much from what ‘sane’ people turn to for the same purposes.

dancing on your grave (3:09)

The saying ‘i will dance on your grave’ has inspired this video. The implications of disrespect  in the original expression is replaced by appreciation; it is a celebration for the lives that have been led and the ripples they created, but also a vague mourning for the loss of people i will never know.

strained cracks  (4:40)

Taking a look at the idea created around party tourism; where everything is taken and treated lightly, even when it becomes evidently unsustainable. There is an anonymity that gives way for disconnected interactions. The text is taken from conversations i have had or have overheard during my stay in Budapest.They are lost sounds, smothered by shallow laughter, booze and other things.

do you like sea food? SEE, FOOD.  (3:19)

Warped visuals of eating are played out in a disturbing rythym to question the idea of hunger. The title is a reference to the joke, where the person who poses the question opens their mouth to reveal chewed up food.